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Automatic Leads straight to your inbox

With our automated robot for lead generation, you can focus on adding value for your customers. Our real-time automated lead generation delivers qualified leads directly to your inbox. Time savings and increased efficiency are possible thanks to our advanced technology, which is included in all our FLEX Site™ solutions.

10% visitors

Becomes leads

Our customers experience that up to 10% of their visitors use their lead generation in the form of a price calculator. Our solution is so effective that some of our customers have chosen to reduce their marketing as they get too many leads. With a FLEX Site™ solution, you can also experience this "luxury problem" of getting too many qualified leads.


Reveal the faces of your visitors

Your visitors are just unknown faces, which they should also be allowed to. But those who are interested in your services and products should have the opportunity to easily calculate a price that can be converted into a sale for your business. If your customers are businesses, we will integrate direct CVR search into your price calculator so that they can save time and thus have a more positive experience with your business from the start. Let's work together to make lead generation a fast, easy and effective process for your visitors.

CVR Search

We have integrated the Danish Business Authority's CVR register directly into our price calculators. Traditional price calculators either ask customers for their information, or skip it altogether to not overwhelm them. With our lead generator, it is integrated so customers can look up their company by CVR or company name, thus avoiding having to enter the information and you get direct information about who is contacting you.

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