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In today's digitized world, it is imperative for serious businesses to have a website. As consumers, we are constantly online, making it crucial for any business to have a strong online presence. This can take the form of an e-commerce platform, an exhibition website, or a place where customers can request quotes for services.

We can assist you in creating a professional website. We will support you throughout the process and ensure that the user experience is top-notch, the technology is up-to-date, and that your new website will be loved by search engines.

  1. No more wasting time with companies that don't understand your needs
  2. Our websites are optimized and ready for scaling from the start, allowing you to focus on running your business
  3. We have the expertise to create websites that increase your credibility and strengthen your growth
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Even for the small businesses

Websites starting from €2000

We offer affordable FLEX Site™ solutions that allow small businesses to have a professional and unique website starting from €2000. Our solutions are tailored and differ from regular websites by functioning as a PowerPoint presentation with one visible page at a time. We don't offer template solutions, but instead create a complete solution that fits your unique needs and desires. With our experienced team of developers and designers, we can help create an impressive online presence that gives your business a professional expression and attracts new customers and business opportunities.

We offer cost-effective FLEX Site™ solutions that enable small businesses to have a professional and unique website starting at €2000. We do not offer template solutions but rather tailor a complete solution to your unique needs and preferences. With our experienced team of developers and designers, we can help create an impressive online presence that gives your business a professional image and attracts new customers and business opportunities.

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As a start-up business, we were looking for a reliable partner to build our online presence. They have created an amazing website that truly represents our brand and image. Their team was always responsive and helpful, and I would highly recommend UniCode to any business looking for a professional and reliable web development partner.
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What is included in our website solutions?

  1. Website setup
  2. Design of tailored images that match your content
  3. Your images are yours, we do not reuse customers' material
  4. Mobile-friendly/Responsive design
  5. Hosting
  6. Backup and security
  7. Possibility for multiple languages
  8. Speed optimization
  9. Search engine optimization
  10. Google Analytics and Google Search Console setup

It doesn't have to be expensive to be beautiful! We provide cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes, and believe that dedication and clear communication are the key to a successful collaboration

    • Pages
    • Estimated development time
    • Sharp photos, that sell your message
    • Texts in English and Danish
    • Contact form / Call me back form
    • Optimized for PC, Tablet, and Smartphone
    • Super fast hosting and loading
    • Search engine optimized
    • Online payment
    • Shopify Integration
    • Price
  • Landingpage

    For presenting a company or product with stunning graphics, sharp messaging, and a focus on conversion

    • 1
    • 3-4 days
    • from €950
  • Website

    For those seeking a more advanced profile homepage / business card with clear communication and multiple pages

    • Unlimited
    • 5-7 days
    • from €2000
  • E-commerce

    For selling physical or digital products with a focus on high conversion rates

    • Unlimited
    • 15-20 days
    • from €4700
Flexsite Flexsite

The process

The website development takes place in 6 different steps. We can deliver most projects within 5-7 days, depending on the scope and whether you already have the material ready.

  1. Initial meeting

    We have an initial conversation where we learn about your company's purpose and target audience, as it is crucial to create the best solution. If you have special needs and wishes, we also discuss them.

  2. Material setup

    You send us your material, including texts, images, and possibly a logo. Then we set up the website, content, and menus so that it looks neat and clear. If you do not have text, we will prepare this for you.

  1. Design

    We develop a unique design with images, focusing on your company's purpose and your target audience. When we have a proposal, we send you a link with a protected access code so that only you and your team can see it.

  2. Proofreading and language

    When the design and text is in place, we proofread all texts and set up on the different languages. Danish and English are included, and if you want other languages, this will be done by our external partners

  1. Review

    Now the website is ready for your evaluation and feedback. We will call you up and do a complete review. If you have comments on various elements, they will be adjusted so that you are 100% satisfied with your new website.

  2. Delivery

    We set up the website, and we set up domain and hosting. The website is ready for delivery and to show to your customers.

Flexsite Flexsite
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