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  • Custom Digital Solutions

    Company-specific needs that cannot be met by existing systems.

    Cost-effective in the long run

    By having a custom-made system developed, you can tailor software to your needs, providing greater flexibility and more user value. It also ensures that you don't pay for unnecessary features that you don't need. Therefore, it is better to have a system tailored to your requirements and needs, rather than buying a ready-made system.

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    To accommodate the complexity of your business-specific requirements, you can choose to have a custom system developed to fit your specific needs. This will provide you with a flexible and scalable software solution that can handle complex processes and allow users to customize the systems to their specific needs.

    Grows with Your Business

    We make it possible for you to grow without having to worry about the system being able to keep up. UniCode helps you develop a digital solution tailored to your business needs. We are ready to help you optimize and customize your system so that it grows in parallel with your business. That way, you always have a team and a partner to ensure that your system is up-to-date and efficient.

  • There are virtually no limits to the digital solutions we can offer. We have previously developed:
    • Editors, Editing and Graphic Tools
    • Social Networks with User, Notifications and Messaging Features
    • Web-based Desktop Tools
    • E-commerce with Unique Functionalities
    • Internal Systems for Customer and Employee Management
    • Ordering Systems
    • Completely Unique Solutions for Start-Ups
    Tell us about your vision

    Whether you are an established business looking for a complete system or an expansion of your digital platform, or a startup with a completely unique digital concept, UniCode is the right partner to make your visions a reality. We have the necessary experience and skills to provide innovative solutions that meet your needs.

    Tell us abou your project
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  • What to consider before developing a custom digital solution
    • What is the purpose of the project and what will it help to achieve?
    • What requirements and needs does the company have for the project?
    • Who will use the system and how will they interact with it?
    • Are there existing systems on the market that can meet the needs?
    • What is the budget for the project? Is there financial backing to implement all the desired features at once, or will there be a need to prioritize?
    We can help you assess the options.

    At UniCode, we believe it is essential that you achieve the desired results with your digital solution. We help you evaluate whether a custom solution is the best fit for you. We assist you in making the right decision by researching the market and analyzing your inputs, so you get the right solution. We ensure that you get the best solution that fits your specific needs.

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  • UniCore - Alt samlet i en Digital Løsning
    All-in-one Engine

    Our projects are developed in our own engine UniCore. UniCore functions as a complete Engine, Framework and Library in one solution, which makes it possible for us to develop quickly, effectively and build advanced projects with minimal effort. Unlike many other engines, UniCore does not have to load unnecessary libraries and plugins such as Bootstrap, React or Wordpress, even though they are only used for a fraction of the project. This prevents both slow loading times and security holes while UniCore can be used for anything from simple profile websites to advanced systems with hundreds of thousands of users at the same time.

    Updated at no additional cost

    Our projects run on our UniCore Engine, and we therefore commit to always keep all functionality up to date. Our developers are continuously working on updating and upgrading projects with the latest features, effects, integrations and components, so they are always up to date. This gives you the assurance that your project is always up to date without any additional costs.

    Security and Speed

    Our projects are built into our core and to ensure data security, several security steps need to be taken before being allowed to download and receive data. It all happens in a split second and despite all of our security steps, we have managed to develop the market’s fastest engine. It works like classic apps on your phone, where everything is loaded when the app is opened and afterwards, only the data that the user requests is retrieved. Think of it as a program that is search engine optimized and runs super fast. The website you are on right now is built with UniCore and we are certain that you have already experienced how fast it runs.

  • AI-integration

    Automation and Increased Productivity

    Automation can be used to increase productivity in a wide variety of ways. It can help streamline processes, reduce costs and improve efficiency, resulting in improved output. Automation can also increase accuracy, reduce errors, and improve customer service. Automation can help to reduce labour costs and free up staff to focus on other tasks. With increased productivity, organisations can increase their profits and better serve their customers.

    We use AI to extract key words and topics from long texts to improve indexing and searching. This makes it easier to find relevant information faster. Tell us about your needs and objectives and we will find the best solution on how AI can optimize your process.

    Automation and Increased Productivity with AI
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    We offer a flexible process, in which we invite you to be part of the entire process or leave it all to us. We strive to create a safe and professional experience, no matter which way you prefer to work.

    1. Planning
      We will review your requirements for the digital solutions and develop a plan to ensure they are fully met.
    2. Wireframing
      We will create a basic structure for the digital solution, based on the requirements.
    3. Designing
      We are looking to develop an attractive UX/UI and would be happy to hear any suggestions you may have.
    4. Coding
      We continue to code the solution to ensure full functionality.
    5. Testing
      We will be testing the developed solution for functionality, usability and performance..
    6. Launch and on-boarding
      We will ensure that the solution is launched and running correctly, and onboard your team.
  • Eksempel

    Visual and Interactive Tool for Reply.dk

    The team behind Reply.dk wanted a flexible system that would enable their customers to build visual forms via an interactive workflow that could be integrated into their website to increase conversions. We quickly discovered that there was no similar product on the market and, as this was an incredibly exciting concept for us, we immediately got involved in the project. After three months of development and close communication, we had developed a finished software which Reply.dk's customers now have access to on all devices and resolutions. Reply.dk currently has hundreds of satisfied customers and is growing daily.

    Web Design UI/UX Design Custom Digital Development Strategy & Consulting
    1. Logic & Workflow Editor
      A visual workflow editor that enables Reply.dk to effectively onboard their team when new businesses are added.
    2. Embed / Link
      Businesses should have the opportunity to integrate their form on their website as well as link to it from their social media.
    3. Conversion
      The company needs to receive direct notification when a customer fills out a form, as well as have access to the information submitted in order to contact the customer.
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