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  • Technology

    UniCore combines technologies such as Bootstrap, Wordpress and React into a unified System, Framework and Library.

    Fast and Secure

    Our UniCore Web Engine ensures a super fast and smooth user experience on all our websites. The technology behind it is secure, stable and efficient. Our web engine is powered by the latest technologies and offers advanced features that meet the demands of modern and functional websites.


    Our unique website framework is designed to provide a fast, secure, and efficient development experience. It is optimized for maximum performance and responsiveness, and is flexible enough to fit any project. With its intuitive user interface, extensive customization options, and powerful features, our framework is the perfect choice for websites.


    Our development library is an unique web resource that provides our developers with a comprehensive selection of tools and resources to create effective websites. It is easy to use, and it offers a wide range of features that make website development faster and more efficient.

  • 10x Speed with UniCore

    We have developed our own engine that is completely independent of external plugins. We have taken the logic and business model from Apple and implemented it into a web engine. Unlike Microsoft, Apple develops their own software and combines hardware so they are sure that everything works together. It is this combination that makes their products so sought after and the same combination also makes our products sought after. Instead of using different external plugins and components that don't always harmonize with each other, we have created a complete setup with all the benefits.

    Our front-end framework with plenty of components and features can work together with our back-end through data attributes with a focus on a strategic and logical approach, allowing our whole team to work in parallel. This enables us to develop advanced systems as well as simple profile websites in half the time it would take others. All of our projects operate like traditional apps and programs, where all content is read in on the first visit and only the requested data is retrieved afterwards. We have documented a speed that is up to 10 times faster than many other engines on the market.

  • Scalable web applications

    UniCore is a scalable web framework that allows us to create stable, powerful and scalable web applications for any platform. We can build and implement web applications much faster than with other methods. This allows our developers to focus more on coding and results, and less on configuration, as the UniCore framework automates most of the process. We use the latest technology to ensure that the applications are protected against hacker attacks and other security threats, while not compromising on speed and functionality. In addition to being scalable and secure, UniCore also has a wide range of features.

    UniCore offers a wide range of APIs, features, components, and plugins to enable our developers to build advanced applications. Additionally, there is a wide range of tools to automate a variety of processes which can be easily tailored to any application. Ultimately, UniCore gives our developers the ability to create powerful and scalable web applications that are stable, secure, and easy to maintain. This makes it the ideal solution for professional businesses that require advanced web applications.

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    UniCore Flow

    UniCore has a flexible and modular structure, making it safe and easy to build projects of all sizes within our engine. It is easy and quick to work with, and below you can see how the connection behind the scenes is established and maintained.

    1. Connect to UniCore API
      All our projects are connected to the UniCore API and have access to the engine through multiple security layers.
    2. Loads Apps
      UniCore enables us to integrate apps that are granted access to. We assign each project the apps that are relevant to achieve the desired outcome.
    3. Loads FrameWork, Library and Extensions
      The project is assigned all the necessary technologies that make it possible to use advanced functions across platforms.
    4. Loads local files
      All projects are fully modular and have their own local files with functionalities that are built specifically for each individual project.
    5. Loads Layout
      The layout is loaded and the system determines whether static or dynamic pages are to be displayed.
    6. A split second later
      All of this happens in under a second, and the UniCore website is now fully ready to deliver an optimal experience to the user.
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