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We understand that digitized tasks can be overwhelming, especially when unfamiliar with possible solutions. Many companies become overwhelmed and end up delegating these tasks to employees who may not be specialized in the area. This can lead to stress, confusion, and incomplete tasks that can be detrimental to the company's growth and future success. We can help eliminate these challenges by taking care of all your digital needs while you focus on your core business. Our expertise and collaboration can create a seamless digitization process, where we participate as an active partner in your team continuously. We are proud to offer a solution where you no longer have to worry about digitization and can focus on driving your business towards success.

We understand that digitizing tasks can feel overwhelming, especially without knowledge of possible solutions. Delegating tasks to non-specialized employees can lead to stress and confusion, damaging the company's future success. We are your digital partner and can remove these challenges, allowing you to focus on your business.

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I would like to share my amazing experience with UniCode. I was overwhelmed with setting up a website, but they made it easy and convenient for me. They offered a complete solution tailored to our needs and identity, and their support team was always available to answer my questions. We now have a professional and attractive website that has helped us grow our business. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and quality-oriented digital partner.
CycleIT™ Tim Myhre-Larsen
Tim Myhre-Larsen
Flexsite Flexsite
All-inclusive website solution

Dominate your business with a FLEX Site™

FLEX Site™ distinguishes itself from conventional websites by operating akin to a PowerPoint presentation, wherein only one slide is visible at a time. This endows a distinctive experience for visitors to your website, catering to all industries.

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Are you stuck with your development?

Many companies experience obstacles in their visual and technological progress. This can be due to limitations, a lack of creativity or time, and it is not an unusual phenomenon. With FLEX Site™ from UniCode, you get a flexible solution where you don't need to allocate time or resources.

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The solution is FLEX Site™

Our website is built in FLEX Site™ so you can try a full-fledged demonstration of how your own website can look and feel. We of course design images and content that fit your business and the services and products you offer. Try it on both your computer and smartphone, and see how the experience adapts to each device. It is 100% flexible, and we are continuously working to future-proof all of our customers' websites so they never become outdated.


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A FLEX Site™ is a different kind of website that works like an app without loading times, functions like an online PowerPoint and has built-in lead generation. It is an all-in-one comprehensive solution. Get a price in under two minutes and be online with a unique website in just seven days.

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FLEX Site™

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Search engine optimized


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Your external
Web department

Are you in need of skilled and passionate web specialists on your team who understand your business and take responsibility for your online brand? Let us be your external web department and help you with design, development and consulting.

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Our Philosophy
Focus on Results

We work hard to deliver work that exceeds our customers' expectations and ensure that we deliver positive results.

100% transparency

We believe in honest communication with our customers so that we can build a strong relationship based on trust.

Quality and trust

We view our customers as engaged partners and strive to build relationships based on quality and trust.

Take the crown before the competitors

Upgrade your website with a FLEX Site™ before your competitors do and increase your business performance with a leading position in your industry.

*Unlike your competitors, you get no loading times when switching pages, 10x speed, coverage on all devices and fully search engine and speed optimized
We are not afraid to Flex

We have developed the most advanced and flexible technology in the form of our own engine, completely independent of external plugins. Instead of relying on external plugins and components that don't always harmonize with each other, we have created a complete solution with all the advantages. We have documented a speed that is 10 times faster, and we are proud to showcase this!

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Super solid and focused on conversion

Our FLEX Site™ sites are powered by our own UniCore Engine, developed to provide a seamless experience for the user and high conversion rate for your business. Therefore all of our solutions come with custom-built Lead Generation, which can include a price calculator such as the one we have on our own website.

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Why are you hiding?

With a FLEX Site™ solution you can enjoy an efficient lead generation that can increase visitor engagement and interest in your services and products. Our customers experience that up to 10% of their visitors use their lead generation, which in some cases has resulted in an abundance of leads. Therefore, some of our customers have chosen to turn down their marketing to avoid being overwhelmed. Let us help you achieve the same success by implementing a FLEX Site™ solution for your business.

Get higher conversion
Lead Generation

This will not only save you and your customers time, but also ensure that you get quality leads as they are more engaged and informed about the price of your services and products. FLEX Site™'s lead generation price calculator tool is a unique and effective way to increase your sales and boost your business. Let us help you take the next step in your digital transformation. We can build everything from simple price calculators to advanced solutions with multiple pathways and variables.

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